Radiation, Conduction, Convection

On February 7, 2012 in class we…

         We learned about radiation, conduction, and convection. We studied what then mean. How it relates to life. And the difference between each of them.  For example, what is radiation, conduction, and convection. Well it is the why heat is transferred.

Radiation: When heat is transferred when the heat source and the object that is being heated is not toughing.

Conduction:When the heat touches the object for the heat to be transferred.

Convection: The heat is carried from one place to another.

My teacher created POPCORN to show the different ways that heat is transferred.

For Radiation she used a microwave.

For Conduction she cooked it over a hot plate.

And finally for convection she used a popcorn popper.

Blog challenge 10

– Activity 2

1) 1o plus this 1.

2) 8

3) My first post. Maybe because It was the first.

4) Blog change 9 because I got to talk about music.

5) Yes, because I thought it was a nice idea to make things different from others.

6) 4, I think it is one short. I always think 5 is a better number for things like that.

7) I see 2.

My love for music. (Blog challenge 9)

Blog challenge 9 was based on one of favorite thing or subject. 


     I chose to do it on music. I love to listen to music all the time. I really like music because there are different kinds of music and millions of different songs to chose from. It really brings joy to me. When ever I listen to music I feel happy and just want to sing along. Everyday I would always play at least 20 songs. Music to me helps with what ever mood I’m in. It helps when I’m sad, mad, or happy it brings up my mood.  Just like all my friends they always say they always look for music when there sad. 

       To me music helps express things. Sometimes to show something fun or to talk about life and how it relate to everyone. Music helps everyone. Everyone likes music because there are  so many tips. So many things to chose from. Music is someone for everyone. Kids,parents,baby’s, even the elder. Music is an art that is shown in the minds of every person. 

       Music has a long history. It has been here forever. For so many generations. But yet it’s still very popular. It has grown. Many new things have been created to make music. Instruments, they help bring sound. We have so many different types like pop, jazz, rock, rap, country, and so much more! You just have to find what you like.  Music is for everyone.


Blog Challange # 7

1) http://jayisgames.com/games/magic-pen/

This first game was fun but challenging. In the first couple of rounds it was easy to think but as you go on the the next step it takes more thinking


In this game you had to be smart and good with balance as you try to reach the top without falling.


This sight was fun to play with I got to make little things and look at other peoples


Knowing the earths interior structure.

                 We know what the earths interior structure is like because of primart and secondary waves and the shifting of the land. They show what makes the things on the crust do what thay do and shows why it happens. S (secondary) P (primary) waves show us by the way they move through the land wand water.

                   The show wether the layer is liquid or solid. S wavecan go through  solid but not liqud. P wave go through both. But go slower in liquid this shows how many layers there are and weater each layer is liqud or solid. The shifting of the land shows that the earth is moving and how it moves.

More me from then and now !!

I have changed lots over the past 4 years. I’ve become more like what my mom,cousin,and sister. Were Korean crazy well mostly me and my sister. ^^ I mostly changed when my cousin came over. She showed me many new things that I never really had interest for. It helped think clearly some how. It made me have goals for the future and made me really work on it.

I love music. My favorite is K-pop. Well I can say I’m addicted. Our minds are crazy of K-pop and Korean Drama. It’s an everyday thing. I never really new I liked it till my cousin came.

I really like my cousin but I sometimes so crazy stuff to her and she gets mad. I can really relay on her for help. She has helped me so much I really want to return the favor.



Where I’ll like to visit ..

I would like to visit Korea. A lot of people in my family really want to go and live there. We think it is a really nice place, because we see how beautiful it is from their moves called Korean Drama. We really like their songs and artist to.

I really want to go there and live there for 3 or 4 years. I want to learn their language and learn how to write in their language. I want to study their even, because my friends from Korea say they have a higher leave in learning for elementary school all the way to high school. Like the things I learn today my friends say they learned 2 years ago.

I really want to meet my favorite actors and singer. And try their food. I love the food that they have I’ve tried them when I slept over at my friends house. And my mom likes to make some of their dishes. We also go out to eat at Korean places. My family loves Korean food as much as I do. That’s why I hope to go to Korea.